Plus500 WebTrader

Not a very old name, however Plus500 has made it to some of the top names in the foreign exchange industry in a very short span of time. Established in 2008, the company is counted among the leading brokers of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). It offers everything that a standard Forex broker provides plus much more. The aggressive marketing and 24/7 available expert customer support of the Plus500 has gained it a good reputation amongst both, the greenhorn as well as the experienced trader. Stocks, indices, currency, commodities and ETFs along with exposure in high profile markets turns out to be a complete package for a financial trader.

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Plus500 is one of the few brokers in the industry who offers ‘no initial deposit’ accounts to the traders. Not only this, the company claims to charge fixed spreads and no commission in any of the deals. Apart from the aforementioned facilities offered by plus500, the easy to use web interface and trading applications are the main factors that have made plus500 amazingly popular among new investors.

What is WebTrader?

Plus500 offers trading via two platforms, Windows Trader and WebTrader. The former is a downloadable application for trading through computer. Here you need to install the plus500 trading software on your system. The other platform that is the WebTrader is comparatively more easy and popular among the Forex market. WebTrader offers online web based trading of financial instruments. This application is appropriate for Mac users and mobile trading.

Why Do I Use Plus500 WebTrader?

WebTrader has made it possible to stay updated all the time with the currency fluctuations and market movements. This online version offers ‘trading on the go’ as it can be accessed via tablets and Smartphone.

The best thing about WebTrader that has attracted millions of people is it’s easy to use interface and intuitive navigation. All the financial markets and tradable assets are listed on the left hand side of the main page. You can narrow down the search according to your budget, risk and return preferences. The search filter will help you find exactly what you want.

The WebTrader would take you to the next page once you are done with the searching and have shortlisted the assets you want to trade in. Here you will find some technical charts, fundamental analysis and graphical illustration of the historical trends of all your selected assets. Plus you will also see a chart summarizing your trading history of all the shortlisted financial instruments.
You will also find a small f(x) button on this screen. Click this icon to add as many financial indicators as you want and see their effect on the charts and analysis. Select the indicators that you wish to incorporate in you trading and move on to the next step.
Now that you have decided which markets to enter, what to trade and when to trade, follow the standard plus500 purchasing/selling procedure. You can also order for trailing stop or limit orders through the trading screen.

WebTrader Offers More…

There is a misperception on social media like Facebook and Twitter about WebTrader that it allows limited features and facilities as offered in the Windows Trader. As mentioned before, this is just a misconception. WebTrader offers everything plus much more than the downloadable application. For example, Plus500 enables its trader to trade on the basis price movements, without having to buy the real asset. Also you can earn as high as $25,000 on the minimum investment of $500. This is possible due to the 1:50 leverage policy of plus500. All these features are also part of the WebTrader. Moreover, the mobile version allows you to trade anywhere on any portable device. Now this is not offered by the downloadable trading application. Don’t believe in rumors, follow WebTrader on Facebook and get to know the real thing from those who are actually using it.

Summing Up…

You can also experience the Plus500 WebTrader during the demo account period. WebTrader makes your Forex trade journey really smooth and successful. Even a newbie or a less tech savvy person can excel in WebTrader with the step by step guide and simple trading procedure. The complete package of flexibility, ease of trading, high bonus and exceptionally amazing features offered by plus500 WebTrader is almost impossible to find anywhere else. Try the demo account and feel the difference.

If you need some more information you should take a look at the Plus500 website or 500Traders.