eToro Copytrader

Established in 2007, eToro has secured a strong place in the financial trades and Forex market with around 3 million traders all over the world. The company’s success and popularity in such a short span of time is mainly attributed to its apparent philosophy of earning through innovation. eToro has come up with products and features that are offered by none other in the same industry. Copytrader is one such invention by eToro. Launched in 2011, it has profited millions of trades and has played a major role in expanding eToro’s customer base. Let’s see what is this thing that has multiplied the capital of many and how can you use it to fatten your bank account.

What Is Copytrader?

It is a common perception that old players play by their sixth sense which makes us wonder what magic do they hold that turns almost every venture unimaginably profitable. Well, eToro has revealed their book of secrets for you. Copytrader allows you to view their trading activities in real time.

Copytrader is one of the most powerful features of eToro that allows you to observe and earn through the trading activities of the top players in the market. It is the only trading tool that enables the investors to create and maintain a people based portfolio. Being an eToro trader, you can see the trading moves of the high-net worth individuals and other experienced players of the market. Shortlist your favorite investors and monitor their moves. Follow their trading activity and use their experience to make profits for yourself.

And the good thing about eToro Copytrader is that it does not even cost you any extra amount. It is a part of eToro’s open book and is accessible to all its members.

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How Does It Work?

Using Copytrader is not as difficult as it may sound. It is the simple 3 step process that allows you to earn money from the expertise and skills of Forex veterans. Here is the detailed version of this simple process for you.

Register with eToro

If you are already an eToro trader, then you can skip this step. New users are required to fill out the simple registration form and get an eToro ID. Once the account is activated, you will receive a welcome trader bonus of up to $10,000 depending upon the amount of deposit.

Discover the Top Traders

Once you are done with the registration process, next step is to look out for the most profitable traders in the diverse trader network of eToro. Now how would you do that? Well you have several ways for finding the best trader. The most easy and updated information can be found in the OpenBook live rankings of eToro. Other than that, you can search in the market pages, live trading feed and may also take assistance from the expert customer care team.

Study the profile of some top traders and shortlist your favorite ones. Now, note the trading activities, trades strategies, and profit loss ratio of the selected investors. The market leader rankings will help you to sort them out in terms of the markets where they mostly trade. Moreover, the Guru Finder launched in 2012 is another feature that will help you find others in the market.

Copy the Trades

Now that you have done your homework on your favorite players and their trading moves, simply hit the ‘Copy Trader’ icon to copy their activities. You need to enter the percentage of funds you want to invest in that trading activity. The amount or the equivalent Forex will be calculated and invested by eToro on your behalf.

Monitoring Trades

You have got two options after making copying the activity. Either just sit back and enjoy the return or keep on monitoring the trading activities of profitable traders. You can always stop eToro from further copying the trader or switch it to some other trader’s activity. Keep observing the live rankings and expand your copy-trading experience.

eToro prides itself on having the worlds’ biggest and most diverse investment and social network. Now newcomers don’t have to worry on being less experienced in the financial trade and Forex market. eToro’s Copytrader enables them to learn and gain from the expertise of the top players in the industry. And not only one, you can copy up to 20 different investors at the same time. Trading has never been this easy. Has it?

More information can be found at the official eToro Copytrader website and in the Babypips forum.